What makes Panda different from our competitors?

First off, experience: Panda has been in the game since 2007, we’ve made over 35 million games, and we know board game manufacturing inside and out. Our impressive list of clients includes top publishers, from established giants to small, independent creators. In fact, we’ve probably made one of your favorite games! Panda has made more BoardGameGeek Top 100 games than any other board game manufacturer. Check out some of our favorites in our games showcase. Not only are we a long-time player, but we also completely control production at our FSC-certified factory, focusing on quality control, as reflected in our rigorous Design Verification and QC processes. We back that up with an industry-leading focus on customer service: if you work with Panda, we’ll pair you with a Project Manager and a Prepress Specialist – often in your time zone! – who are dedicated to helping your project succeed. Not only has Panda pioneered industry standards like sample toolkits and production guidebooks, but we continue to innovate with tools like our real-time online pricing estimator and an ongoing focus on sustainability and social responsibility in our business. We could continue listing our advantages, but we think there is much more to manufacturing than a price on a quote sheet, and we’ve been proving that for over 15 years. At Panda, we provide a friendly and professional experience that goes beyond the competition.

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