Every company is only as good as its team and we have an amazing team! In addition to our Shenzhen, China factory, Panda Game Manufacturing has team members all over the world dedicated to making your game the best it can be. With team members located in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., the E.U. and Hong Kong, there is probably a Panda close to you! That means you’ve got a contact at Panda who understands your region and your needs. Even better, we know gaming! Panda team members come from various backgrounds, but we are all tabletop gamers dedicated to making (and playing!) the best games in the industry.

Michael Lee

Richard Lee

Jennifer Lee

Philip Menge

Brent Kinney

Adam McIver

Ben Rosset

Emma Hellon

Kathrin Ulbrich

Peter Aoun

Matthew Austin

Cardner Babakitis

Jay Bell

Clark Bender

Steven Chan

Sarah Graybill

Philippe Guérin

João Guisado

Sofia Guo

Sidney Lau

Shannon Lentz

Tony Li

Tyler Lipchen

David Lipman

Fabian Louton

Elva Lu

Adam Skelding

Erik Stanfill

Emmanuel Tabarly

Virginie Tan

Doug Tao

Daniel Troyano

Stephen Wren

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