What is the cost for “X” component?

It’s difficult to provide an off-the-cuff component price as material prices change and the details of your component often require further information before we can provide you with a potential cost. Furthermore, at Panda, we focus on providing you with a price for your complete game and not just its individual parts. We take pride in our ability to bring together a variety of components made of different materials and package them together in a finished, high-quality game. A Panda quote provides you with a simple price to manufacture your finished game and doesn’t have hidden charges like assembly or preparing your game for shipping. If you’re looking for some general component pricing, we recommend trying out our real-time online pricing estimator. Of course, if you have a custom piece, we’ll work with you on quoting the component as it may require sourcing and sampling. We’re also happy to provide you with optional pricing for upgrades to your game as well as crowdfunding mainstays like game add-ons and stretch goals.

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