One Deck of Cards

Countless Games

You hold in your hands the OMNIDECK: a modern marvel of game innovation. Panda sees the infinite possibilities of a deck of cards, and we’ve jam-packed these 108 cards with tons of useful markings and symbols. Play hundreds of games, replace entire sets of dice, track resources, or use this deck to design and playtest your own games! 

Look for the following icons throughout each section below:

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Euro Game Resources

Who doesn’t love a euro game with classic resource management? Every OMNICARD includes one of the five most common resource types printed top and left-center.

Resource TypeQuantityAlternate Names
1-Rockx21stone, ore, etc.
2-Treesx21wood, lumber, etc.
3-Grainx21wheat, agriculture, etc.
4-Legged Animalx21sheep, livestock, etc.
5-Bricksx21clay, masonry, etc.

Playing Card Suits & Values

SuitsDeck TypeUse Cards
Standard 54-card deck1-54
Secondary 54-card deck55-108

Whether it’s poker, bridge, pinochle, or solitaire, nearly everyone has fond memories of fun times with a simple deck of cards. The OMNIDECK may be slightly less simple, but it’s far more versatile.

Double 6, 9, & 12 Dominoes

Combining the simplicity of cards with spacial placement, Dominoes have been a puzzly passtime for centuries.

Set TypeUse Cards
Double-six set1-28
Double-nine set1-55
Double-twelve set1-91

Polyhedral Dice

Die TypeQuantity of Results
d427 of each result
d618 of each result
d813 of each result, 4 rerolls
d1010 of each result, 8 rerolls
d129 of each result
d205 of each result, 8 rerolls

Sure, you could argue that a deck of cards could never replace the fun of rolling loads of dice, but a card is much less likely to roll off the table, across the room, and get eaten by the family dog. If the OMNIDECK saves even one previous pet it will all have been worth it.

Letters & Words

Letters and words are everywhere you look. In fact, this entire paragraph is full of them! 

The full 26-letter English alphabet is represented across the OMNIDECK, in varying frequency (based on how common they are).

Each card has two words that correspond to the same letter: one noun and one verb.

LetterFrequencyNoun listVerb list
Ax10Ability, Action, Adult, Adventure, Alphabet, Animal, Apple, Army, Article, AwardAccept, Achieve, Admit, Adopt, Agree, Answer, Argue, Arrange, Attack, Avoid
Bx2Bear, BookBelieve, Build
Cx2Card, CheeseChange, Collect
Dx4Damage, Dice, Doctor, DogDefend, Deliver, Design, Destroy
Ex12Earth, Echo, Eclipse, Effect, Element, Elephant, Emotion, Empathy, Enemy, Engine, Equality, EventEat, Elevate, Engage, Enhance, Enjoy, Escape, Evolve, Exchange, Expand, Explain, Explore, Express
Hx2Hero, HumanHarvest, Help
Ix10Idea, Identity, Image, Impact, Income, Industry, Injury, Insect, Integrity, InterestImagine, Immerse, Implement, Improve, Influence, Insert, Insist, Inspire, Interrupt, Invest
Jx2Jazz, JokeJoin, Jump
Kx2Key, KitchenKeep, Kick
Lx6Leader, Lake, Land, Letter, Level, LibraryLaugh, Lay, Lead, Learn, Listen, Look
Mx2Machine, MarathonMake, Move
Nx6Name, Nation, Nature, Network, Noise, NumberNavigate, Neglect, Normalize, Notify, Nourish, Nurture
Ox9Object, Ocean, Office, Omelet, Option, Orange, Orchestra, Order, OxygenObserve, Obtain, Occupy, Offend, Offer, Open, Operate, Oppose, Organize
Px2Panda, PaperPlay, Protect
Rx6Radio, Rain, Range, Reality, Recipe, RetailerRaise, Read, Repair, Repeat, Reserve, Reveal
Sx6Sample, School, Science, Secret, Shelter, SocietySend, Share, Show, Solve, Spend, Support
Tx6Table, Task, Texture, Theme, Ticket, TroubleTake, Target, Teach, Test, Think, Throw
Ux5Universe, Umbrella, Underdog, Union, UtensilUpgrade, Uncover, Unite, Unlock, Use
Vx2Vacation, VehicleVote, View
Wx2Water, WeekendWalk, Watch
Yx2Year, YogaYank, Yield

Victory Points

1 VPx48
3 VPx24
5 VPx16
10 VPx10
25 VPx6
50 VPx4

Ah the beloved victory point. Does anything feel better than accumulating more and more VP in a tabletop game?

If only real-life awarded VP for accomplishing everyday tasks, maybe we’d remember to set the recycling bins out more often.

Numbers (1-108)

If you’re only familiar with traditional playing card decks, you’ve probably only ever seen the numbers 2 through 10 on cards. Well we’ve cranked these cards all the way to 100! And then added 8 more! Who could ever need such a huge range of numbers, you might ask? Well, two of the most successful games of the last decade (The Game and The Mind) solely consist of numbered cards.

Directions & Colors


Depending on your generation, you may not be familiar with the cardinal directions (who needs to learn to navigate in the GPS era?), but you almost certainly learned the classic mnemonic ROYGBIV: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and… Pink. Okay, maybe we’re not remembering it exactly, but we’ve included the entire rainbow on these cards.

Game Mechanics

Everyone has their favorite game mechanic or two (or twenty). We’ve included 108 of our favorites along the bottom of these cards. 


Ah chess, the game of kings. The original “easy to learn, difficult to master” game. And by extension checkers, the original “how is my kid beating me at this” game.

To create a chess board, arrange 32 cards into a 8×4 vertical grid to as shown here. For the pieces, if you can bring yourself to cut up precious cards, card numbers 92-106 have the 16 chess pieces printed on them. 

If you’re not feeling destructive, find coins, toys, or other small objects to represent the pieces.

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