A great box makes your game stand out on a shelf, and a great tray makes setup and storage easier for players. The best way to start building your packaging components is with the Panda Template Generator found here.

Two Piece Box

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the first impression of your game is often the box. Ensure that your box is at least 15mm larger in each dimension than your largest component so that players can easily remove each piece. The box also needs to be large enough to contain all of the components together. Your contact at Panda can help you determine the best box size for your game.

Magnetic Box

A magnetic box can make a great Kickstarter stretch goal or simply create a premium experience. Contact us for a template that matches your project.


If your game consists of only cards and a paper sheet, the best container may be a lighter, one-piece tuck box.

Cardboard Trays

Cardboard trays help keep your components organized inside the box and help keep contents safe during shipping. If you would like your cardboard tray printed in full color, please request a template.

Plastic Trays

Vacuum formed plastic trays are a deluxe method for keeping pieces organized for play and storage. Custom component containers are marvelous for storage and can also be a bank or resource reserve during the game. The wells of each keep everything in place while allowing for easy retrieval of their contents.

Printed Components

Most game components are printed on paper. Below you will find all the information you need to ensure that your pieces are printed correctly.


The rulebook is the most crucial part of your game, the part that has taken the most time and effort to get just right. Most rulebooks are saddle stitched and consist of several pages divisible by four and no greater than 64. Our high-quality spiral bindings allow your booklet to lay flat on the table. Our spirals are a thick, flexible plastic that keeps all the pages safely attached. We recommend perfect bound or softcover binding for booklets above 64 pages. Hardcover binding is an excellent option for RPG books and art books.

Paper Sheets

Single paper sheets can be folded to your specifications to use as rule sheets or catalog flyers.


Panda’s card offerings go well beyond our standard bluecore. With 20 different standard sizes, three paper core options, and a variety of finishes to jazz up your cards, Panda can turn an otherwise standard component into a highlight of your game.


Your game board is the centerpiece of the tabletop gaming experience. Printing a custom back for your game board adds minimal cost and is an enormous opportunity. Should you have high ambitions for a giant game board, please note that the current maximum size for Panda manufactured game boards is 700mm x 1000mm.

Cardboard Mats

Cardboard mats may be used for individual player boards, token storage areas, scoring boards, or any number of purposes. These boards do not fold, and they do not have wrapped edges. If your game requires a cardboard mat, making it square or rectangular will be the most cost-efficient. Unique shapes and even dual-layer mats can be made but will need a die-cut mold, which will incur additional costs.  Dual-layer mats are two layers of punchboard glued together. The top layer can have areas punched out to hold cubes, discs, meeples, or other components in a specific spot on that board.


A punchboard is a versatile component that can be utilized to create many items such as tokens, tiles, trackers, dials, and even constructible cardboard components.

Cardboard Screens

Sometimes we need to hide our goods from the enemy!  A cardboard screen may come in handy in these situations. Angled edges beyond the fold can make these stand up better. The screens require an uploaded dieline file indicating trim and fold lines. If you need a template, contact us.


Paper Pads

Do your players need to take notes during the game? A paper pad can be printed on one side or both, full color or black and white.


Are there stickers to be applied in your game? Or is your art so beautiful that it deserves to be a sticker too? Panda has stickers! Sticker sheets are “kiss-cut,” meaning that the sheets that the stickers are on will be cut through the sticker part of the sheet that has the artwork, but not through the backing paper. Sticker sheets can have a cardstock backing and can come in any size, including standard card sizes. Panda can also apply a sticker to the exterior of your game, which can come in handy if you have a special Kickstarter version.

Classic Components

There are many components that can go into a game. While many are common, some are unique. Below you will find information on our common game components. If you don’t see the component that you need listed here, contact your Account Manager to ask about it.

Wooden Components

Wooden pieces (including cubes, cylinders, hexagons, pawns, meeples, houses, sticks, discs, and custom designs) add a timeless feel to a game. Panda’s wooden components are made from high-quality birch, a durable and dependable wood. The birch pieces can be painted in any color you specify.


Dice are the ultimate randomizer, and they can make your game stand out. Come to us with your polyhedral vision. Size, shape, color, and iconography can all be customized to match your game.

Standard Components

There are several components commonly found in board games beyond wood and dice. These components include stones, gems, diamonds, plastic stands, rivets, dials, cubes, discs, poker chips, sand timers, marbles, dry erase pens, containers, and snap bases.

Plastic Bags

High quality zip bags cost only a few pennies each, but they go a long way towards customer satisfaction. With a bag for everything, set up and clean up are a breeze!

Cloth Bags

Cloth bags are ideal for keeping pieces organized or hidden and can be made in the size and color you specify. We provide several fabric options, as well as embroidery, silk screening, and full-color printing.

Rubber Playmats

Rubber playmats (think mouse pad material) can be printed with full color on one or both sides to highlight the beautiful art in your game. They make it easy to pick up and move cards or set up a play area.

Custom Shapes

Take your game up a notch with custom shapes. They are a beautiful way to help your game stand out, but they do increase complexity, cost, and length of time to produce a game. Expect to provide detailed information about your custom piece and then expect multiple rounds of review and approval to ensure that the piece is created correctly.

Custom Plastics

Custom plastic figures are a beautiful way to help a game stand out among the hundreds of released games each year. Custom plastics increase complexity, cost, and length of time to produce but contribute to a stellar production.

Metal Components

Metal components are heavier than pieces made from other materials, so they have a good heft when picked up for that high-quality, premium feel. Electroplating can produce any color, solid or translucent, on the zinc base.

Poly-Resin Components

Does your game need custom bits? Resin may be the answer. Resin pieces are made with a silicone mold, making them much easier to manufacture than plastic miniatures. However, as resin is brittle, custom bits must have strong structural integrity.

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