Michael Lee


Vancouver, BC

Plays engine-building Euro games or anything with a sci-fi theme and good components.

Space nerd; dreams to see the Earth from space

Richard Lee


Vancouver, BC / Hong Kong

Plays Euro, Economic, Civilization building, and 4x games.

Enjoys developing his yoga flame and tiger uppercut

Jennifer Lee


Vancouver, BC

Loves playing social deduction, cooperation, Euro games, and everything animal themed.

Jennifer trained in Chinese dance for 20 years and has completed 2 yoga teacher trainings in Vancouver and California. She loves dogs and pets every one she sees!

Chris Matthew

General Manager, Team North America

Montreal, QC

Brent Kinney

General Manager, Team Indie

Cincinnati, OH

Plays dice games and anything with auctions or betting

Loves to take long walks and ruin them by playing golf

Philip Menge

General Manager, Team Europe

Munich, Germany

Fabian Louton

Sr. Project Manager

Berlin, Germany

I consider myself an omni-gamer. I think there is a right occasion for most games. Some things that I particularly enjoy: thinky euros/point salad, unique abstracts, thematic games, rollings lots of dice, games that make me laugh, stand-up moments.

I’ve lived on three different continents, and I have never remained in the same country for more than 12 consecutive months without leaving that country for at least a few days. (Granted, in Europe that is as easy as leaving a state in the US...)

Ben Rosset

Director of Training and HR

Chicago, IL

Plays Euro games

Board game designer since 2008, with several published games, most of which have been manufactured by Panda

Doug Tao

Sr. Finance Manager

Vancouver, BC

Plays Co-op, Dice, and Strategy games

Is a big Disney fan

David Lipman

Sr. Project Manager

Silver Spring, MD

Plays all games, but mostly Euros

Loves Disc Golf

Stephen Selego

Project Manager

Portland, OR

Plays mid-weight Euros and card games

Once memorized over 400 scientific names

Peter Aoun

Sr. Project Manager

Los Angeles, CA

Plays games with a strong theme or story

Fascinated by toys and collectables

Adam Skelding

Prepress Lead

Raleigh, NC

“Get off my lawn”

Adelheid Zimmerman

Sr. Prepress Specialist

Madison, WI

Plays the games that someone is excited to teach

Loves letterpress printing, historical fencing, and spaceships

Emmanuel Tabarly

Sr. Project Manager

Berlin, Germany

Joe Wiggins

Project Manager

Cleveland, OH

Plays Heavy economic and logistic games

Film Nerd, especially indie horror

Kerry Rundle McIver

Project Manager

Covington, KY

Shannon Lentz

Project Manager

Vancouver, BC

Plays Euro, civ, economic and some Ameritrash games

Likes camping in the snow, has been known to follow around his favourite bands and has seen both Fidel Castro and Pope John Paul II speak in person

Jean-Francois “JF” Gagné

Sr. Prepress Specialist / Project Manager

Montreal, QC

Plays games with strong themes or light RPG elements

Just loves games in all their forms: video, board, and card games

Elva Lu

Executive Assistant

Vancouver, BC

Plays thematic games with multiple paths to victory

Loves to experiment with food and new ingredients - especially molecular gastronomy

Jonathan Edwards

Sr. Project Manager

Cedar Park, TX

Plays thematic co-ops & engine building games

Music Nerd that loves live music

Philippe Guérin

Prepress Specialist / Project Manager

Valleyfield, QC

From small abstract games to beefy strategy games, he likes them all, especially if they have a strong and well developed theme.

Emma-Louise Hellon

Prepress Specialist / Project Manager

Oxford, UK

Adam P. McIver

Sr. Prepress Specialist

Covington, KY

Kathrin Ulbrich

Project Manager

Göttingen, Germany

Plays complex strategy games with fantasy or sci-fi themes.

Likes traditional archery and dreams of learning mounted archery.

Loren Wright

Technology Manager

Minneapolis, MN

Plays thematic Ameri-trash games with pretty components.

He is a INFJ - the rarest of all 16 personality types. INFJs are known for being goal driven and humanity focused.

Sidney Lau

Sr. Finance Manager

Hong Kong

Matthew Austin

Prepress Specialist / Project Manager

Los Angeles, CA

Plays immersive strategy games

Matthew has never broken a bone!

Sarah Graybill

Project Manager

Placerville, CA

Plays cooperative Games, immersive/story-based games, or any medium-to-heavy strategy games with an interesting component or theme.

Sarah loves baking, and is on a quest to bake the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet.

Tyler Lipchen

Prepress Specialist / Project Manager

Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK

Plays thematic adventures of epic proportions

Once upon a time Tyler was a professional dancer!

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