Panda Game Manufacturing is a world-renowned tabletop game manufacturer. With a focus on industry-leading component quality and service, we are responsible for producing thousands of tabletop game titles for clients around the world. Panda is a global company founded in Vancouver, Canada with team members working remotely from their home offices in the USA, Canada, and Europe. With team members worldwide, it’s easy for us to match you with a Panda in or near your timezone. Our primary manufacturing facility is located in Shenzhen, China, where we handle printing and most of the production, as well as all of our Quality Control measures, ensuring Panda is overseeing your game every step of the way.

Our clients range from award winning publishers to independent game designers. From simple card games to elaborate board games, Panda turns concepts into reality. Our clients come to us for the quality of our product, our involvement in the board game community, and our focus on customer service. Panda is the industry leader for component quality and we pride ourselves on pushing the limits of what can be included in a board game, often taking on challenges that move the industry forward. All of our employees are gamers themselves, which allows Panda the opportunity to help shape and develop the board game community. We regularly attend North American and international conventions, where we build and share a wide network of potential partners. Panda is committed to providing unsurpassed customer service, and you will find no language or knowledge barriers, since our team speaks both English and Gamer fluently. We have extensive experience with Kickstarter and are accustomed to its unique challenges and opportunities. At Panda, our passion is making high quality games and high quality relationships along the way.

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