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Panda Game Manufacturing is a world renowned tabletop game manufacturer. With a focus on industry-leading component quality and service, we have produced thousands of tabletop games for clients around the world. Our passion to produce (and play) the best quality games in the business!

At Panda, we care about the games we make and value the unique perspective each person brings to the table. We believe we are stronger when we incorporate a diverse set of voices from people of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, and abilities. Applicants from communities underrepresented in the tabletop games industry are encouraged to apply.

Benefits of working at Panda

  • Work in the industry you love: If you are a tabletop gamer, you will appreciate the excitement, friendliness and innovation of our industry
  • Remote Work: Flexible working hours and the ability to work from virtually anywhere
  • Maternity and Paternity paid time off
  • Games Allowance: We provide an allowance for game purchases. This can be used for any tabletop game, not just games made by Panda
  • Productivity Allowance: We provide a budget for new computer or mobile device purchases, home office upgrades, or even co-working space memberships
  • Travel Allowance: We provide a bonus for every day you spend traveling for business
  • Health and Wellness Allowance: We provide a yearly allowance for personal health and wellness, such as sporting equipment, yoga classes, massages, gym memberships, mental health care, and more
  • Investment Allowance: We encourage our employees to save money for retirement, and we provide a yearly allowance for retirement savings
  • Individual and Team-based cash bonuses
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Benefits for US and Canadian Employees
  • Flexible Vacation Benefits: 20 vacation days + National holidays off


Ben Rosset, Panda’s Director of Training & HR, at [email protected]

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