Panda Game Manufacturing was founded in early 2007 to provide tabletop game publishers with high quality overseas manufacturing services. We are a western managed company with our production facilities based in Shenzhen, China.

Being avid gamers, we understand the attention to detail required to produce games that will satisfy both casual consumers and hardcore hobbyists. Our quality control is our top focus and we have developed a strong reputation for problem-free manufacturing by identifying and solving common issues in game production such as board warping and moisture. Your experience with Panda Game Manufacturing will differ from dealing with print brokers because our exclusive partnership agreement with our production facility has enabled us to offer direct-level pricing as well as maintain maximum control over our production and quality control. We frequently attend conventions such as Spiel (Essen), Origins, Gencon, and GAMA. If you are planning on attending one of these events, please look at our upcoming convention schedule and contact us to set up a face to face meeting.

Michael Lee

Vancouver, BC

Richard Lee

Vancouver, BC

Chris Matthew

Vice President, Operations
Montreal, QC

Fabian Louton

Senior Account Manager
Berlin, Germany

Brent Kinney

Vice President, Business Development
Mason, OH

Ben Rosset

Director of Training and HR
Chicago, IL

Douglas Tao

Senior Finance Manager
Vancouver, BC

David Lipman

Project Manager
Washington D.C.

Matthew Sims

Account Manager
Minneapolis, MN

Darrell Louder

Marketing Manager
Baltimore, MD

Stephen Selego

Account Manager
Portland, OR

Peter Aoun

Project Manager
Los Angeles, CA

Adam Skelding

Prepress Lead
Raleigh, NC

Heidi Zimmerman

Senior Prepress Specialist
Madison, WI

Alex Corrao

Prepress Specialist / Marketing
Chicago, IL

Emmanuel Tabarly

Senior Account Manager
Berlin, Germany

Joe Wiggins

Account Manager
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Kerry McIver

Account Manager
Covington, KY

Shannon Lentz

Project Manager
Vancouver, BC

Jean-François "JF" Gagné

Sr. Pre-Press Specialist / Project Manager
L’Ile-Bizard, QC

Elva Lu

Executive Assistant
Vancouver, BC

Jonathan Edwards

Sr. Project Manager
Cedar Park, TX

Philippe Guérin

Prepress Specialist / Project Manager
Valleyfield, QC

Emma-Louise Hellon

Prepress Specialist / Project Manager
Oxford, UK

Adam P. McIver

Sr. Prepress Specialist
Covington, KY

Kathrin Ulbrich

Project Manager
Göttingen, Germany

Loren Wright

Technology Manager
Minneapolis, MN

Sidney Lau

Sr. Finance Manager
Hong Kong