We have three categories of components that encompass all of the pieces that you need to build your game.

Printed Components

Printed Components encompass all components that are printed on paper, such as cards, rulebooks, boxes, boards, etc.

Two-Piece Box: You only get one chance to make a first impression, and with board games, that happens with the box. You can always tell a Panda game by its box because our boxes are thick and sturdy, perfectly laminated, always ready for action.

Tuckbox: Looking for that minimalist approach to containing your game? Or are you adding a card box to go with your deck? Tuckboxes can be a part of games from the lightweight to luscious.

Rulebook / Rulesheet: The rulebook is the most crucial part of your game, the part that has taken the most time and effort to get just right. A rulebook rarely takes the spotlight but still shines in it’s supporting role. Most rulebooks are saddle stitched, but we do offer perfect, spiral, and hardcover bindings

Cardboard Mats: Cardboard mats may be utilitarian, but there’s no shame in getting the job done. From player boards to tiles, if it is a cardboard rectangle with no nonsense ninety degree corners that doesn’t mess about with folding in half, than it is a dependable cardboard mat.

Punchboards: Do you anxiously anticipate popping pieces out of a punchboard when you first open a game? Do you relish the snap of punchboard chits landing on a board? Panda’s perfect punchboards will make your game pop.

Gameboard: Folded in half, thirds, quarters, or sixths, there’s nothing more classic than a gameboard. Our boards have printed edge wrap, reinforced folds, and are double sided.

Cards: Panda’s card offerings go well beyond our standard bluecore. With 20 different standard sizes, three different paper cores, and a variety of finishes to jazz up your cards, Panda can turn an otherwise standard component into a highlight of your game. Ask for a Panda Design Toolkit to hold our cardstock options in your hands.

Sticker Sheets: Stickers allow a player to develop your legacy game and are a killer kickstarter promo. Sticker sheets aren’t just a way to dress up a meeple anymore.

Player Screens: Sometimes we need to hide our goods from the enemy. This is where a player screen, also known as a cardboard screen, comes in handy.

Custom Plastics

Bring the minifig to your game with Panda’s injection moulded plastic figures. Custom Plastics cover all custom plastic miniatures.

Classic Components

The Classic Components category covers all of the other pieces, including dice, meeples, metal objects, and more.

Wood Pieces: Wooden pieces, including cubes, meeples, discs, and other custom and standard shapes, add a great classic feel to a game. Nothing says "board game" like a road of wooden logs connecting tiny wooden houses.

Acrylic Shapes: Our 2D plastic shapes are made the same way that we make wooden shapes, but they are acrylic! If your game has a futuristic or shiny theme, you may prefer the gloss and expanded flexibility of acrylic.

Pawns: Classic board game pawns are available in a variety of designs, sizes, colors, and materials. Whether wooden or plastic, pawns are cost effective.

Dice: Roll for initiative and consider dice for your game. Dice are the ultimate randomizer, and they can make your game stand out. Come to us with your polyhedral vision. Size, shape, color, and iconography can all be customized to match your game.

Plastic Discs and Poker Chips: Plastic discs can range from tiny, thin tiddlywinks to larger, thicker, dealer chips. They make great coins, counters, or first player markers.

Metal Objects: There's gold in them thar games! Add some real treasure to your game with metal coins. They are spectacular for game currency or point tokens. Metal components are heavier than components made from other materials, so they have a great heft when picked up for that high-quality, premium feel. We typically use electroplated zinc to create our metal coins.

Plastic & Glass Pieces: Cubes, stones, gems, diamonds, rockets, hearts, oh my! In standard plastic, acrylic, and glass! What kind of fiddly bits does your game need?

Rubber Playmats: Add something special to your game with rubber playmats. Rubber playmats (think mouse pad material) can be printed with full color on one or two sides to highlight the beautiful art in your game. They make it easy to pick up and move cards or set up a play area. Rubber mats can be rolled for easy storage.

Component Containers: We can absolutely provide zip bags to help players keep your game’s components tidy, but there is so much more to the world of component containers. Panda has standard plastic containers available in any color or you can let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of vacuum formed plastics.

Miscellaneous Components: Cloth bags, rivets, spinners, plastic stands, sand timers, snap bases, writing implements, and more!

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