Wasteland Express

A game by: Pandasaurus Games

This game is a post-apocalyptic pick up and deliver euro style game. It’s highly thematic, and dripping with flavor and theme. It also uses a unique octagon and square patterned tile system to create a unique board setup every time you play.

Why was this cool for us to make?

Sure, this game has ten awesome custom plastic miniatures, and sure, this game has twelve custom dice. But the Game Trayz plastic tray system that is included in the box is ridiculous! Seventeen different plastic tray pieces that all nest together inside the box to hold and store the game’s components make the setup and cleanup on this game a breeze. We worked closely with Game Trayz and with Pandasaurus for a year to make this tray system a reality.

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“As the Project Manager for the game, this is one that brings joy to my heart every time I see it being played and enjoyed. A lot of love went into this game. The designers (Jon Gilmour, Ben Pinchback, and Matt Riddle) are a terrific trio, and I was happy to help them bring their vision to life.” -Ben Rosset

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