Near and Far

A game by: Red Raven Games

Imagine a choose-your-own-adventure that meets a euro-style board game. It’s a gorgeous Ryan Laukat designed title that builds on previous Red Raven games, and even has components that can be used with Above and Below. There’s an adventure mode, ongoing quests, and a character building system that builds through successive adventures.

Why was this cool for us to make?

At Panda, we love originality. When you open the game box, the first thing that will likely draw your attention are the two spiral bound books. One is a huge storybook that gives players the opportunity to make decisions that affect their character every time they have an encounter. The other is a 24-page thick cardstock atlas book that has the 11 different 2-page spread, full color terrain maps used throughout the campaign mode.


Adventure, storytelling, worker placement

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