A game by: Mindclash Games

Anachrony is a worker placement game with an awesome time-travel mechanic, where you can borrow your own future resources for use in the present. Just make sure you are able to pay them back to yourself by the time you reach the future, or you’ll create an anachrony in the time continuum!

Why was this cool for us to make?

The 30 custom plastic miniatures were so much fun to bring to life. They’re big and hefty, and they each have a slot built right into them so that you can literally rotate out the workers you have controlling them! This is also one of the first games where we used custom colored base snaps as a way to differentiate player colors for plastic miniatures.

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“This box is huge, and it’s packed full! After punching out the game, I could barely get all the pieces back into the box to get it closed again!. Designing the plastic tray to fit all 30 mechs into the box, along with all the other components, was in itself a formidable design and engineering challenge.” - Ben Rosset

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