Alien Frontiers

A game by: Starling Games

Alien Frontiers is a resource management game with a strong sci-fi theme.

Why was this cool for us to make?

Way back in 2011, funding board games through Kickstarter was in its infancy. Alien Frontiers was the first hobby board game that showed how powerful crowdfunding for board games could be, raising a whopping $14,885, a huge sum back then. We are proud that Panda played a big part in helping to shape the board game industry by manufacturing Alien Frontiers. Since then, Alien Frontiers has gone on to inspire not only other Alien Frontiers spinoff games, but countless other Euro style space colonization games. We’ve also leveled up the components for Alien Frontiers since 2011, introducing, among other things, custom plastic miniature colony domes and custom plastic miniature field generators.

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“Alien Frontiers is such an important game in modern hobby gaming, because it showed how dice could also be used strategically in a Euro style game to help the players make interesting decisions. It inspired a whole new genre: The dice-based worker placement game.” - Ben Rosset

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