Essen Spiel 2015

This year was an exceptional Essen Spiel with many great releases, and we thought you might be interested in a quick recap from Panda’s perspective. Here is a list of some of the games that we had released at the show, with a few select images of unique components:

Tail Feathers

Beautiful miniatures with ball joints achieving a large range of motion and interchangeable riders.

KUMO Hogosha

Exceptional product and packaging design not common in board games.

Trickerion: Masters of Illusion

A huge and deep Euro game with top quality components including custom dice, gems, box sleeves, and printed wooden components

Here are some stats for your interest:


  • 0 – Companies using Panda that had games miss the show
  • 5 – Pandas team members present at the show
  • 10th – Team Panada‚Äôs best ever finish at the European gaming championships for a single game, ZhanGuo. Panda is the manufacturer of the prize trophies, sponsor, and also participant in the prestigious EuroMasters Event:
  • 67 – Pallets shipped to the show full of Panda games.
  • 300 – Number of copies of Between Two Cities that sold out (in a single day) – congrats Ben Rosset, a Panda project manager who is also a well-regarded game designer.
  • 1100 – Approximate number of new releases at Essen Spiel this year.
  • 150,000 – 175,000 visitors, despite some train issues. Final attendance statistics still to come.