Website Features to Look for in 2020

Published: 02/27/20

We will be unrolling a wide range of new website features in 2020 that will make quote submission much easier, file preparation more streamlined, and information more readily available to help you make the right choices for your game. The new Template Generator will have an improved graphic interface, more options for creating your own templates, and "under the hood" improvements. Each template provides lines for cut, bleed, margin, and fold lines, which make it easier to understand how each file needs to be prepared for print. 
We will also be releasing a wide range of Short Sheets, a series of documents that expand on the information already provided in the Guidebooks on our website. These Short Sheets will be "deep dives" that cover a wide range of topics, including every element of our Quote Request Form. These sheets will provide you with more information to deepen your understanding of the components you may use to bring your game to life.

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