Panda is hiring a contract software developer!

Published: 02/25/21

Panda is currently seeking a Contract Software Developer to help build project management tools that will integrate with our current app for our clients, internal sales and global manufacturing teams. The Software Developer will work closely with our Technology Manager, but will also support Panda team members around the globe.

Company Background

Panda Game Manufacturing is a world renowned tabletop game manufacturer. With a focus on industry-leading component quality and service, we have produced thousands of tabletop games for clients around the world.  Panda has worked with first-time game designers as well as industry titans to create products ranging from small card games to award-winning deluxe board games. Our head office is located in Vancouver, Canada, our manufacturing base is in Shenzhen, China, and we have a team working remotely from their home offices in over 15 cities across North America and Europe. Although Panda is a global and diverse team, our common bond is our passion to produce (and play) the best quality board games in the business!

Benefits of working at Panda

  • Work in the Industry you Love: If you are a tabletop gamer, you will appreciate the excitement, friendliness and innovation of our industry
  • Remote Work: Flexible working hours and the ability to work from virtually anywhere
  • Open and Flat Management Structure: Panda is a family business with a welcoming and supportive culture

Job Openings

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Ben Rosset, Panda’s Director of Training & HR, at [email protected]

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